ASC, Unit 43, The Chaplin Centre, Thurlow Street SE17 2DG

Le Banc des Divorces is designed to welcomes two people who are angry and stiff but who nevertheless want to share the same bench… Originally discovered in Kennington Park close to where I live, it became the emblem of the separation I am going through and a major piece in the work I am making in my ASC studio in Elephant and Castle.

Louise Bourgeois says “Art in a Guaranty of Sanity”, and that I have been seeking,  constantly constructing and deconstructing, ordering  my work and my life, looking for a space in which to breath, think, and exist.

The new artworks are made using different media, moods, and modes of actions. In June 2017 I decided to reassemble the work and created an installation in my ASC studio near Elephant & Castle. It is a work of assemblage, contextual and personal, while open to interpretation.

The viewer will not necessarily recognize a place or a feeling, but sense an inherent logic and become curious…

PV: Saturday 3 June, 11am – 6pm

4 – 10 June by appointment
Private View: Saturday 3 June
11 am – 6pm
Organise a viewing:
Mob: 07894711471

You will see

The Banc des Divorces
a Sex Machine painting
Texts, Photographs and Nappies
and some of my studio and my life…

Images and atmosphere … of loss, atomisation, fear, as well as the sense of a new energy, beyond the facts.