New work, ideas and provisional solutions.

It started insidiously. I have always been fascinated by the atmosphere of peace in the cemeteries, and especially by the regrouping of gravestones that have been displaced, re-assembled and aligned against the cemetery’s fence – something I would do myself with my surfaces against the wall in my studio. The paintings refer in colour, shapes and texture to the gravestones. Placed next to each other a phenomenon of sympathy occurs which absorbs the differences or allows ruptures.They suggest the memorial of life, and I look at them as crafted surfaces emerging from the soil, as much as a platform to think and imagine my future work.

I want to make a lot of gravestones paintings, slowly and organically, as if I was building a cemetery of surface in my studio. My first opportunity to show this work in on the 20 June, at the Collyer Bristow Award

The surfaces you see below have been painted over surfaces made before, and therefore it is also about the death and rebirth of artworks.