Social and Intimate Distance – The Desire of Assemblage

The 3D model is a powerful conceptual tool as well as an excellent way to communicate ideas through pictures. The pictures shot from different angles simulate a visit in space. Sometimes the small maquettes accompany a project for a larger installation work. They often bring to bear notions of control, the social and the intimate distance, as well as gender in some instances.



“Do Not Cross The Line”, Pipeline, Nov 2016, Installation shot. >  More images and press release. 

What’s between you and me, and myself and an object of desire.

Where is that line that we don’t cross, is there a risk at crossing it?


Can ‘we’ escape from a controlled space?

At which point a fight occurs?




2017 started for me with an emotional chock, followed with the breaking of 17 years of marriage.

Louise Bourgeois says “Art in a Guaranty of Sanity”, and that I have been seeking,  constantly constructing and deconstructing, ordering  my work and my life, looking for a space in which to breath, think, and exist.

The new artworks are made using different media, moods, and modes of actions. In June 2017 I decided to reassemble the work and created an installation in my ASC studio near Elephant & Castle. It is a work of assemblage, contextual and personal, while open to interpretation.

Le Banc des Divorces  3 – 30th June 2017 – ASC Studio – London Se17